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Meet Our New Customer Success Manager: Italo Guerrieri

By Vision Editor,

| 3 min read

Hey there, everyone

Firstly, I am grateful to have been part of this journey with Constellation Financial Software, where I’ve spent more than a decade. You know, time flies when you’re having fun—and believe me, working here has been a blast.

As the Business Development Manager for over ten years, my days were filled with the nitty-gritty of sales strategies and solutions that drive actual results. But more than that, what’s always set my heart on fire is really getting to know your business, peeling back the layers to understand your unique challenges, and then coming up with the proper solution just for you.

And while I have been with Constellation Financial Software for a decade, the journey’s far from over. The winds of change are blowing, steering me towards an exhilarating new adventure within Constellation. I’m pleased to let you know that I’ll be stepping into the shoes of a Customer Success Manager.

Why the change, you ask? Well, it’s a natural progression motivated by my passion for solving problems and supporting our clients. I’m bringing all the insight from my years in business development to this new role, promising you top-notch strategic guidance and support like you’ve never seen before.

You might wonder, what’s kept me hooked to Constellation for all these years? It’s the fantastic people I work with and the remarkable culture we’ve nurtured.

Oh, and before I forget, in case we haven’t met, a little glimpse into my life. I’m a total soccer nut, have been kicking a ball around since I could walk, and I still play in a men’s league in Oakville, Ontario. Lately, I’ve also rekindled my love of cycling. Whenever I’m not burning calories, you’ll find me engrossed in a gripping book—either a mind-bending sci-fi written by Andy Weir, Michael Crichton, Nick Jones, A.G Riddle or Dennis E. Taylor or an inspiring autobiography, such as Long Walk to Freedom, Dreams From My Father and Decision Points.

So, there you have it! Thank you for trusting me and our fantastic team thus far. I’m over the moon to take this next step with you and look forward to ensuring our shared success in this exciting new chapter.

Cheers to an incredible journey ahead!