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Meet the New Vision

By Vision Editor,

| 3 min read

We’re new here, kind of.  

Ok, that’s not quite true.  Vision Commerce has been in business for over 30 years, and our software is tried and true.  In fact, we started out as a lease and loan company just like yours, and built Vision to solve the problems we faced. But we’ve recently gone through a bit of an evolution. Let us reintroduce ourselves.

We created Vision to help digitally transform equipment finance.  We built it because we knew that the nature of business was changing, and we wanted to ensure that our industry wasn’t left behind. We know that adopting a modern tech stack is just good business, and that you’re much more likely to fail by falling behind.

Lately, we’ve been working on an expansion. While we started out providing best-in-class front-end lease and loan origination software, we’ve grown. Let’s get into the specifics:

We’re Not Just a Front-End Solution Anymore

Introducing VisionLMS! Our totally modular and yet fully integrated lease and loan management platform built to grow with you. Better data centralization means it’s easier to communicate across departments, and to work together to effectively manage the entire lease and loan lifecycle. In choosing an integrated end-to-end solution you ensure that your teams are able to effectively share the data they need to, to make the right business decision.

We’ve Got a New “Vision”

There’s a much bigger team behind the product you know and love.  We’re now part of Constellation Financial Software, a division of Constellation Software.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely because Constellation Software is a publicly traded company with decades of experience in B2B software and a 17 Billion Dollar market cap. So we’re able to pull expertise and resources from a team of colleagues and coworkers thousands strong.

We’re Focused on the Future

Equipment Finance doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  We get that. The same trends and innovations the impact other industries impact our own.  We understand the challenges that come with remote or hybrid workforces – we’ve got one of those, too. So we’re growing with the times, adding new integrations for better data flow and easier communication.