Vision provides contact management functionality to aid in the sales process. Because Vision is a relational database, CRM functionality is tied to individual contacts as well as company records.

  • E-mail messages and attachments out of the system
  • Tracking and lookup capabilities by individual or company
  • Add notes to keep track of important conversations and attach documents or e-mails
  • Online access anywhere with a browser
  • Timestamp for notes
  • Internal routing and workflow
  • Allows for multiple addresses and asset tracking addresses

The Vision solution is ideal for managing contact data in either an individual or shared environment. Users have instant access to real-time information on current customers, prospects, vendors, and internal associates.

Data Collection

Vision provides the opportunity to keep all of your data in one location, allowing all employees and partners to access the most current data 24/7. All data is available in real time according to your security specifications and business rules.

Vision is configured such that you may define and track required data to ensure streamlined, efficient migration through each stage of the origination process.

Vision allows Clients to track application statuses, collateral lists, vendors, lessee exposure and more. Vision consolidates information from multiple sources into a single access point

Credit Analysis

Vision automatically retrieves information from all consumer and commercial credit reporting agencies: Experian, Experian Business, Equifax, TransUnion, Dun & Bradstreet, & PayNet. Liquid Credit can also be accessed.

Credit reports are obtained automatically as defined by the automated credit processing rules you establish. The ability to obtain credit reports manually is also available. Vision can enforce specific credit authorization requirements within your company, and score cards can be built to integrate your own credit analysis.

Financial statement analysis tools are available in addition to credit notes tracking, conditions and approval requirements to keep all parties informed.

A highly configurable credit profiling capability is included that allows for automated approvals and flagging of applications based on size, type, creditworthiness, equipment, location, and vendor. Over 100 items are exposed in a credit profile.

Documentation & Pricing

Vision offers flexible pricing engines within the solution, allowing you to be as creative as you wish when structuring deals. Vision utilizes T-Value and/or Microsoft’s extensive .NET Math Libraries to build powerful yield-based pricing tools for pricing individual transactions or creating rate sheets for specific programs, manufacturers, vendors or brokers. Clients may establish an unlimited number of rate sheets that are centrally managed and instantly available to all users.

Amortization tools are available for calculating interim rent payments, steps, skips, and irregular payment streams. Other standard interest or mathematical calculations are also available.

An unlimited number of documents and document types are supported. Documents from the library can be associated to one another to create Document Packs. An unlimited number of document packs are supported. Document generation is available at all levels of your origination process, including proposal generation, contracts, invoices, notification letters, etc.

Proposal functionality allows you to capture all the required information and populate quote templates. This can be done at any phase of your workflow. Proposals can be priced using rate sheets, T-value, or other pricing engines to get the information to the point of sale as quickly as possible.

Funding & Booking

Vision’s task requirement allows clients to enforce business rules to ensure all funding requirements have been met and provides an auditing trail with time and date stamping. Our solution also provides tools for post-decision activities, such as booking deals into your accounting system for servicing.

Task Management

Vision's task management tools keep all parties constantly informed, thus mitigating the risk of neglecting important steps in your workflow. This serves as another tool to enforce your business rules. Tasks can be automated or manually assigned at any stage in the process.


You may construct and customize reports to view usage statistics and lifecycle of transactions. In addition, Vision accommodates the exportation of data to back-end software and/or directly to lenders for integration in other systems.

Vision provides canned or custom reports to view current or historical statistics. Dashboard reports can be customized to provide an immediate glance at desired aspects of your business flow.

Our installed customers can easily access and build their customized reports using SQL Reporting tools without the expense of 3rd party reporting services. Our support team easily provides customized reports to our ASP clients.

You can use the online portal to report any specific data that may be requested by your partner relationships.

Workflow & Business Rules

Flexibility is the name of the game. Vision lets you design your solution to enforce your specific business rules. With Vision, you can keep track of your business in a more organized architecture, thus bringing enhanced clarity to your business workflow.

Vision enables you to manage your unique work flow and tasking within and between departments. Fields can be required at different status levels to accommodate internal work flow. Business rules can be enforced by Vision at all levels of the application flow and defined by the client.

Vision is rule-based -- routing and workflow are processed according to preset, customizable criteria, or are overridden by assignment of tasks.

Vision tracks every step of the process and provides a comprehensive historical account of your workflow and communication while creating an audit trail to provide a clear overview for management.


Understanding the need to streamline front-end processes, Vision provides integration tools to connect with many different partners through secure web services. This eliminates the hassle of data re-entry, as well as the need to go outside the solution to access required information.

Our installed clients are able to seamlessly integrate with multiple back-office processing systems and other required software. If your company requires full exposure to your accounting portfolio on a real-time basis, this is the best solution for you.

Channel Support /Portal

Vision's flexible infrastructure accommodates different processes for multiple relationships. Clients can use Vision to define various access permissions and functionality for vendors, parent companies, brokers or customers. Scope of access ranges from basic online applications to comprehensive online lease processing systems and automated buy/sell functionality.

Private branded websites or external applications can be linked directly into your solution. This eliminates data re-entry and provides powerful marketing tools for business relationships. You can provide your origination partners with 24/7 real-time access to quotes, reporting and application workflow.

Vision solutions create speed, promote efficiency, and enhance relationships while delivering real-time information.


In today's fast-paced and web-based global business environment, using information technology to your advantage is critical to staying competitive and expanding your business. Vision's business, leasing and technology experts provide consulting services to help you improve internal processes and procedures through the use of e-commerce technology.

Vision focuses on helping businesses utilize information technology to the best of their abilities in order to meet objectives, streamline processes and become more efficient. Our clients benefit from our industry expertise and technology experience because we provide them with IT and business consulting in addition to award-winning software.

Throughout the implementation process, we focus on all levels of your business in order to develop a deep understanding of your workflow. This allows us to help you utilize our technology to its fullest extent by automating your established procedures.