At Vision, we understand that origination software should conform to your business practices; not the other way around. We realize that our role as software providers is to refine your processes and streamline workflow. This awareness sets us apart from the competition. While some SaaS providers expect you to alter your routine to fit their limitations, we build custom solutions that complement our clients’ individual strategies. We tailor our solutions to enhance our clients’ unique qualities, and pride ourselves on the fact that no two clients use our software in exactly the same way. With a customized Vision solution, you are able to implement your unique plan instead of starting from scratch or forcing your procedures into a foreign mold.

The Vision framework is designed to accommodate a custom interface for each individual client. You are able to bring a new level of clarity to workflow by applying company-specific procedures to application processing within the Vision system. Vision is built to enforce rules set by clients. This allows you to continue operating within your established paradigm while processing applications based on pre-set criteria. Vision’s flexible infrastructure allows us to make adjustments to your solution as you need them, and at a reduced cost compared to other solutions. We have structured Vision to be just as dynamic as your business, keeping in mind that you are constantly developing your processes to operate more efficiently in a competitive market.